Some NFT buyers go after utility, others go after collectability and Art. You maybe one of the latter ones.

The aim of this post is to share the NFT artists that are well known in the space and look decent too.

But let us make it clear, it is all subjective and also the list is not in any relevant order.


top-nft-artists--300x300 List of 26 Noteworthy Artists in the NFT Space


Let us focus on the art this time, I will be not much writing in this post this time, I hope you enjoy it!

1. Fewocious


Fewocious a young artist (19 years) who has colourful designs imaginative art style.


2. Maddogjones




Michah AKA Mad Dog Jones, does digital art with pleasing colour combinations.





3. Fvckrender




Fvckrender is a digital artist with futuristic 3D designs.




4. Jeffgdavis


Jeff is a digital artist who designs abstract work using algorithmic processes


5. VideoDrome



Robbie, AKA VideoDrome is known for producing landscape paintings.



  1. Pak




Pak, AKA Murat Pak a unique and creative artist which has been blowing up in the NFT space.






7. Beeple


Mike, AKA Beeple is a very well-known graphic designer in the NFT space.




8. Tyler Hobbs



Tyler is a visual artist who works with algorithms, plotters, and paint.


9. Dmitri Cherniak

Dmitri is an artist focuses on geometric shapes and with unique compositions.




XCOPY is an artist with usually dark themed designs.

11. Slimesunday



Mike, AKA Slimesunday is a digital collage artist with unique photo manipulated art.




12. Matt DesLauriers

Matt is a generative artist and a coder.




13. Hackatao


Hackatao is a creative artist which refer herself as a cryptoartist.




14. Snowfro



Snowfro is a digital artist with huge influence in the NFT space.




15. Rich Lord


Rich Lord is an artist with wide range of work and unique design style.



16. Monica Rizzolli


Monica creates generative art with great colour combination and fascinating style.




17. Shvembldr



Shvembldr is a generative artist with a dark/colourful theme of art




18. Radix


Radix is a generative artist and is also a game designer.


19. Piterpasma


Piter Pasma is a generative artist who express himself through code.




20. Blake Kathryn


blake-Twitter-300x222 List of 26 Noteworthy Artists in the NFT Space


Blake is an artist with colourful and futuristic art.



21. Pr1mal Cypher


Pr1mal-Cypher-twitter-300x213 List of 26 Noteworthy Artists in the NFT Space



Primal Cypher is a digital comic artist.


22. Isaac Wright



Isaac Wright is an artist who takes photos from top of buildings he climbs.


23. Bendotk



Ben is an algorithmic-art artist.




24. Alexa Meade



Alexa is a painting/digital artist.




25, Refik Anadol





Refik is an alograthmatic abstract artist



26. John Orion Young



John is a digital artist who created JOY collection, a colorful art with unique style




More artists?

If you want to see more artists, I have found this link which has a many to browse through.


Final thoughts

That was an amazing journey I went through, I am usually the utility/PFP type of NFT buyer. I did not expect the depth of the pure art in the NFT space is that big.


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