What is NFT Virtual Real Estate? 5 of its Characteristics

You may heard the term virtual real estate that is also associated with the Metaverse and both are interchangeably used. Virtual real estate is basically a key part of the metaverse and can be one. Let us be a more specific  about the term in this post. NFT virtual real estate is a collection designed and developed representing virtual real estate assets and experiences that are minted on the blockchain. Just like other non-fungible tokens, NFT is created, minted and stored in a digital wallet where whoever bought it is the owner of the metadata ...Read More

May 30, 2022|DeFi, NFTs|

What are NFT Gas Fees? and How to Calculate Them?

NFTs transactions are recorded in the blockchain network. Any interaction that is recorded will require computational energy thus it comes with costs which is called gas fees. NFT gas fees are the combined amounts of fees paid to the network and validators of a transaction that occurred in the blockchain. We will further discuss gas fees and how it work with its calculation process.  Our focus will be around the Ethereum and little bit of Solana blockchains as they are the two most popular networks for NFTs.   What are gas fees? Gas Gas is ...Read More

May 26, 2022|DeFi, NFTs|

Can NFTs be Deleted? What are Burning/Disappearing NFTs?

NFT is basically a one of a kind digital asset users can own and hold in their wallet. One of its main features is that its immutable which means it can’t be manipulated and everything is saved in the blockchain network. An NFT can be deleted in two ways, either by transferring it to an unusable wallet which is called burning, or by deleting it if you are the creator of the NFT. NFT can disappear if the external storage link is corrupted or if the marketplace decides to take it down. In this post ...Read More

May 23, 2022|NFTs|

List of 26 Noteworthy Artists in the NFT Space

Some NFT buyers go after utility, others go after collectability and Art. You maybe one of the latter ones. The aim of this post is to share the NFT artists that are well known in the space and look decent too. But let us make it clear, it is all subjective and also the list is not in any relevant order.     Let us focus on the art this time, I will be not much writing in this post this time, I hope you enjoy it! 1. Fewocious Source:   Fewocious a ...Read More

May 19, 2022|NFTs|

What is an NFT Airdrop? And How Does it Work?

If you have spent sometime in the NFT space, you may have heard the term airdrop. It is not related to Apple’s airdrop but it is a distribution reward for cryptocurrency wallets for various reasons. Let us discuss what is an NFT airdrop.   What is an NFT airdrop? An NFT airdrop is a way of tokens distribution to a Web 3.0 wallet address through the blockchain as a promotion, a reward for holding NFTs, or for participating in a specific activity. NFT space has became very competitive with many creators entering the market increasing ...Read More

May 16, 2022|NFTs|

What is NFT Rarity and What Tools you can use?

Just like humans  non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are each one of a kind. Even when they look the same the difference comes from the metadata which is the description in the code of each item. Rarity in the NFT space refers to how differentiated the NFT is in a collection based on its properties which can be checked through tools like for Ethereum for Solana   Attribution: The icons has been designed using resources from   You may wonder why rarity matter? It is important because part of enjoyment and gamification ...Read More

March 30, 2022|NFTs|

What Makes NFT Valuable When you can Just Copy and Paste it?

Some debate that they can just copy paste a picture of a NFT instead of over paying for it. Key difference between buying a NFT compared to copying its media file is that the NFT is connected to the blockchain from a verifiable creator making it non-fungible and can be treated as a collection or used as a utility.   Here is another way to look at it, if I go now take a picture of the Mona Lisa and professionally print it, I will not be able to sell it for $US 850 million. Because ...Read More

March 27, 2022|NFTs|

Could NFTs Replace Stocks? 6 Differences Between Them

While the NFT space has been growing at a fast pace with sales growing from US$ 82.5 million in 2020 to US$ 17.7 billion in 2021.  Does this mean there is potential that NFTs will replace stocks? NFTs and stocks work differently, NFTs can be viewed as a collectible and a utility token while stocks are viewed as ownership in a company. For the time being NFTs can’t replace stocks yet.  Whether we like it or not, many are treating NFTs as investments given the buyers strong belief in the art and mission (roadmap) of ...Read More

March 20, 2022|NFTs|

Can I Make Anything into a NFT?

Anyone can take a screenshot or copy and paste NFTs. This argument will stay around until people realise what NFT really is. To keep it short, NFTs provide the holders the distinction of owning the original collectible version of a media file and/or benefit from its utility. But the question is now can anything be turned into an NFT? Everything can be a NFT as long as it has been technically verified or publicly validated by a well-known creator.  Some can be treated as art while others as utility or a mix of both. Through ...Read More

March 10, 2022|DeFi, NFTs|

Is NFT Coin a Good Investment? Pros and Cons of NFT Tokens

Because NFTs are  built on the blockchain that is backed by a cryptocurrency they are very risky. But some get really expensive and make lots of returns. You may want to get into these large cap project. One way to do that is by buying the NFT coins tokens. NFT related coin tokens are good way to access expensive NFT project. It provides you with access for yielding and governance benefits and some provide utility to direct NFT holders receive.     Attribution: The icons has been designed using resources from   Disclaimer: ...Read More

March 6, 2022|DeFi, NFTs|