4 Tips to Keep in Mind Before Accepting an Investment Firm Job Offer

At some point in your career, you may face a dilemma in choosing between several different job opportunities. For example, I recently had a discussion with a mentor about three opportunities I received from three separate investment firms. With this thought in mind, I thought I was share with you the some of the key details from the 30-minute call that I learned so much from.   Attribution: The icons has been designed using resources from Investment careers have specialty by asset class and the nature of the work When you are ...Read More

November 28, 2022|Guides, Investment|

6 Financial Advice I Would Give My Younger Self

In my early twenties when I started working, I was pretty bad with money. I know I wasn't alone in that path, which is why I put together this list of financial tips that I wish I could have given to my younger self. In a nutshell, I was spending more than I making and that is it. If you get this idea out of the post it is probably enough. Save as much as you can, spend less than you make. You do not have to be stingy. After all most of us want ...Read More

June 9, 2021|Guides|

4 Tips to Become an Accountant Without a Degree

If you want to pursue an accounting career and are wondering about whether you can become an accountant without a degree, the good news is that various options are available for aspiring accountants. Accounting jobs continue to be among the top employment opportunities in the industry. Fortunately, for jobs such as auditing, bookkeeping and clerical work, a degree is not a mandatory requirement. While many people may perceive accounting as a complicated career that requires several years of studying, in reality you do not have to attain a degree in order to become a qualified ...Read More

December 7, 2020|Accounting in Practice, Guides|

8 Things Every Accountant Should Have – Items Ideas for your Office

In order for your days at the office to be more fulfilling, there are various things you need to improve your overall work experience. Accountants usually spend a substantial amount of time at work, which means you are likely to end up occupying your desk all day long. Why Accountants Need a Quiet Environment One of the essential aspects of a work space for accountants is maintaining a quiet environment. Working in this type of environment offers several benefits. When you are performing various tasks inside a quiet room instead of one that has excessive ...Read More

November 22, 2020|Guides|

Is Accounting Hard? 6 Myths and their Realities

Accounting may seem difficult, sometimes it is not clear for non-practitioners. It is the type of job where some say it is hard and other say it is easy. It makes us wonder, is accounting hard? Accounting is not hard for those who exert extra effort and time. Accounting is manageable for those who are ready to sacrifice their life outside work during the busy season. If you can adjust to the conditions and requirements needed in accounting, it's not going to be that hard for you. Attribution: The icons has been designed using ...Read More

October 3, 2020|Accounting Discussions, Guides|

What Is a Personal Accountant? 10 Things They Do For You

Managing your finances is important. At some point, you may have wondered if you need a personal accountant. Well, you're not legally required to have a personal accountant. However, having one makes it easier to track your money and ensure that you're making sound financial decisions. In general, a personal accountant will do your bookkeeping, help you pay bills, prepare your tax returns, and check whether your bank and credit card statements are accurate. These are things that can be very costly if you fail to do. Take your credit and bank statements, for example. ...Read More

October 2, 2020|Accounting Discussions, Guides|

6 Reasons Why Accounting is the Language of Business

Warren Buffet is often associated with describing accounting as the language of business. Just like any other type of language, accounting plays an essential role of communicating financial information Source: CNBC Accounting is known as the language of business because it serves as the mode of communication that is used to pass on information in the business world. Businesses deal with their investors and creditor whose vested interests are based on the ongoing success of the venture. If any type of business is unable to meet its obligations, it will have no choice but to ...Read More

September 29, 2020|Accounting Discussions, Guides|

Is Accounting a Good Career | Everything you Need to Know

Every business needs an accountant. It is a career someone may recommended it to you to take because it is secured or because you are good with numbers. After asking many of my colleagues, there is much more depth than just that in the industry.  Accounting is a flexible career to pursue. It demands attention to details, and willingness to learn theoretical and practical skillsets. This career is a starting point for many opportunities within and outside the accounting field. My goal in this post is to help you have a full idea about what ...Read More

September 25, 2020|Guides|

3 Practical Investing Books You Should Read

After reading dozen of investing books to help me become a better investor. I noticed that investment books have different angles when it comes to their approach.  For example, they could discuss money mindset, investing fundamentals, technical analysis and much more. In this post however, I want to focus with you on the practical books that I recommend. These three practical investing books I recommend will help you understand the fundamentals in valuations and approaches for looking at the stocks from different point of view. Let us look at them...   1. One Up on ...Read More

September 1, 2020|Guides|

3 Money Mindset Books to Grow and Maintain Your Wealth

We live in a world where people fake their lavish lifestyle through Instagram. What they do impact how we view money. The 3 money mindset books I want to share could make you change your perception of how you view those people. In this list, my goal is to provide different variety of money mindset books that will be good starting point to have when looking at money. The Impact of these Books on my mindset Early in my career I used to live pay-check to pay-check. With my ambitions, I have taken leap of ...Read More

August 17, 2020|Books Recommendations, Guides|