4 Reasons Why Working in Finance Is Boring

If you have ever wanted to pursue a career in finance, you may have come across people telling you that it's monotonous and quite underpaid. And it's rightly said. Professionals don't make money till 4 to 5 years of being in the business and they work for around a hundred hours a week. Let's see why finance is boring and underpaid. Just before we jump in, the purpose of this post is not to be negative and discourage anyone from being in that field. The purpose is to share the “bored employee” point of view. ...Read More

October 18, 2021|Finance|

Finance vs Economics: What’s the Relation Between Them?

Whenever we discuss economics, we compare it with money. Also, when we hear about finance, the word money comes to the frame. So, does it mean that both finance and economics are the same? To begin with, finance generally consists of  evaluating different types of investment decisions and assessing the financial position from the Individual, Financial Institution, Corporation, or other entity’s point of view. On the other hand, economics is a much bigger picture. It deals with how different regions, nations, monetary and fiscal policies, or global events function and how they can impact economics, ...Read More

September 21, 2021|Finance|

5 Reasons why Finance is Important

Finance is, without question, one of the most crucial parts of a company. With large sums of money, a constant flow of cash, and ongoing transactions, controlling and tracking all of the aforementioned is essential. Finance has a significant impact on decision-making. For example, if the organisation has more money, a portion of them can be invested, and if the organisation's finances are fewer than the threshold level, it's critical to cut back on needless expenditure. Finance, in particular, aids the company in determining what to spend, where to spend, and when to spend. In ...Read More

September 4, 2021|Finance|

Finance vs Accounting – Which Should You Study?

If your career interest lies in dealing with numbers, you're probably on the lookout for a degree in a relevant field. While some guides may recommend you take up finances, others may suggest an accounting course. So, which one is best for you? Accounting, in an organisation, deals with the information behind financial transactions. Finance, on the other head, is the management of these transactions. While accounting majorly involves record-keeping, finance is about planning. Attribution: The icons has been designed using resources from   Major Differences Between Accounting and Finance Careers Now ...Read More

Relationship between Management and Financial Accounting

Management and financial accounting provide two approaches that are used for the purpose of monitoring, recording and explaining financial data. In a simplified language, financial accounting is defined as the process of recording the assets, liabilities, expenses and revenues that are linked to business operations. Management accounting refers to the application of accounting and numerical methods to generate and interpret information that aims to help management in its role of promoting utmost efficiency, enabling future plans and assessing their implementation.   Attribution: The icons has been designed using resources from   Relationship ...Read More