What is NFT Virtual Real Estate? 5 of its Characteristics

You may heard the term virtual real estate that is also associated with the Metaverse and both are interchangeably used. Virtual real estate is basically a key part of the metaverse and can be one. Let us be a more specific  about the term in this post. NFT virtual real estate is a collection designed and developed representing virtual real estate assets and experiences that are minted on the blockchain. Just like other non-fungible tokens, NFT is created, minted and stored in a digital wallet where whoever bought it is the owner of the metadata ...Read More

May 30, 2022|DeFi, NFTs|

What are NFT Gas Fees? and How to Calculate Them?

NFTs transactions are recorded in the blockchain network. Any interaction that is recorded will require computational energy thus it comes with costs which is called gas fees. NFT gas fees are the combined amounts of fees paid to the network and validators of a transaction that occurred in the blockchain. We will further discuss gas fees and how it work with its calculation process.  Our focus will be around the Ethereum and little bit of Solana blockchains as they are the two most popular networks for NFTs.   What are gas fees? Gas Gas is ...Read More

May 26, 2022|DeFi, NFTs|

4 Fundamental Reasons on why you should Learn Solidity

Whether you are a programmer or someone that is interested in the Blockchain technology you may have saw a programming language called solidity and wondered if it’s worth it to learn. Main reason for learning solidity is for developing smart contracts. Especially when it is used as a programming language for the Ethereum blockchain. In this post we will briefly discuss about fundamental reasons why you should learn solidity.   Quick Recap Before we start, let us go through what is solidity and how it is positioned from learning point of view. Solidity is basically ...Read More

May 12, 2022|DeFi|

What is Terra/Luna? and how do they work?

While traders enjoy being invested in their cryptocurrencies. There comes time they want to convert them back to the USD. But the way it is currently structured depositing the money back in the bank is very slow specially when traders want to move their money quickly from one place to another. This is what stablecoins are solving, which are cryptocurrencies pegged to fiat currencies helping investors use them for efficiency, making transactions and farm yield at more attractive prices. Terra is a blockchain that enables the creation of stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies while Luna ...Read More

May 11, 2022|DeFi|

7 Disruptive Ways Web 3.0 Impacts Businesses

Blockchain has changed the way people interact with the internet, users in the web 3.0 space have different expectations and views from using the internet in the traditional way. Businesses will be impacted with web 3.0 technology but it is not going to be very quick and it will take time.    Attribution: The icons has been designed using resources from   In this post we will discuss how can web 3.0 impact businesses.     Turn Customers from Buyers to Owners  With blockchain technology, the centralisation of a business power is ...Read More

April 7, 2022|DeFi|

How do DeFi Projects Make Money?

DeFi has disrupted the way financial industry work. it created new ways of financial products and services that helps customers work in a trustless,  and fast paced environment. DeFi projects teams makes money through holding significant number of their initially launched tokens and through the benefits from transaction fees and yield farming the service established.     Before starting off the topic, you may want to know what sort of services DeFi provide: Attribution: The icons has been designed using resources from   Check out this post for more details.   We ...Read More

March 29, 2022|DeFi|

7 Distinctive Characteristics of Web 3.0

Increase of consumer demand for more interactivity on the internet along with the disruption of the blockchain technology have contributed to the emergence of the web3.0. Web 3.0 key characteristics are being decentralised, trustless, secured, programmable, and ubiquitous on the internet. You may ask, but what is Web 3.0? Why number 3? Let us bridge the gap between Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 Web 1.0 refers to how the internet worked back in the 1990s to early 2000s, which was one way communication/interaction from publishers to internet users. Web 2.0 is ideally the social media ...Read More

March 23, 2022|DeFi|

Can Cryptocurrencies Crash to Zero?

With no underlying assets around them, plugged in a decentralised technology, many believe that the cryptocurrencies could just crash to zero. I think some will and some will not. Let us discuss in this post. Not all cryptocurrencies will go to zero, but most of them will. Few that will succeed are going to be making their holders wealthy. Blockchain technology will most likely stay and support cryptocurrencies. I know everything has possibility to go to zero and cryptocurrency is the same. If god forbid a nuclear war destroyed the whole internet structure we will ...Read More

March 21, 2022|DeFi|

6 Differences Between Centralised and Decentralised Finance

Blockchain technology has allowed cryptocurrency service providers  to offer wide range of services. One way to categorise  these providers will be as Centralised Finance (CeFi) or Decentralised Finance (DeFi). Let us look at their differences in this post. Both CeFi and DeFi have the same objective which is to offer cryptocurrency services for users. While CeFi customers have to trust the exchange to be responsible of their assets and provide convenient services, DeFi customers have full responsibility and flexibility over their assets.        Before we start, let’s look at the definition of the two ...Read More

March 16, 2022|DeFi|

Can I Make Anything into a NFT?

Anyone can take a screenshot or copy and paste NFTs. This argument will stay around until people realise what NFT really is. To keep it short, NFTs provide the holders the distinction of owning the original collectible version of a media file and/or benefit from its utility. But the question is now can anything be turned into an NFT? Everything can be a NFT as long as it has been technically verified or publicly validated by a well-known creator.  Some can be treated as art while others as utility or a mix of both. Through ...Read More

March 10, 2022|DeFi, NFTs|