NFT is basically a one of a kind digital asset users can own and hold in their wallet. One of its main features is that its immutable which means it can’t be manipulated and everything is saved in the blockchain network.

An NFT can be deleted in two ways, either by transferring it to an unusable wallet which is called burning, or by deleting it if you are the creator of the NFT.

NFT can disappear if the external storage link is corrupted or if the marketplace decides to take it down.

In this post we will discuss the situations where NFTs can be burned, deleted, or disappear.

I will start with burning NFTs because it is the most common scenario, then disappear and finally deleting your NFT which is mostly related to creators. Also the examples will be shown are based on the Ethereum blockchain but can still be applicable for other networks.


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Burning NFTs

Just so you know, it is not possible to permanently delete an NFT from the Blockchain. The Blockchain network is immutable and can’t be changed thus all the transactions are permanently recorded.

The concept of burning NFTs means basically transferring it to another unusable digital wallet which makes it permanently inaccessible.

To do that here is an example done on OpenSea:

1- Make sure your wallet is connected;

2- Go to your account page by clicking on your profile picture at the top right;

3- In your account page, you will notice three dots on the bottom left.  click the three dots and then there is the transfer button


transfer-nft-1-209x300 Can NFTs be Deleted? What are Burning/Disappearing NFTs?


4- Once you do that you can use this address to transfer your NFT and “burn it” (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000).

Transfer-NFT-2-300x293 Can NFTs be Deleted? What are Burning/Disappearing NFTs?


Keep in mind that this transaction will charge  gas fees which means is that we have to pay an amount to approve the transaction. Having said that, it’s only worth it to do the transaction if you really want to get rid of it.


Another way is to just temporary hide it. That way you will not have to pay gas fees and it won’t be seen on OpenSea (but it will in the blockchain explorer like Etherscan).


hide-nft-211x300 Can NFTs be Deleted? What are Burning/Disappearing NFTs?


Disappearing NFTs

Sometimes NFT is just unknowingly disappear and there are two reasons for that.


Corrupted external link:

NFTs are comprised of metadata along with the media file associated with it. Metadata is always recorded in the blockchain network which is a decentralised network that is always active. On the other hand, media files can sometimes be linked to a centralised website where the host can do changes to the image or just shut down.

So the first reason of why NFTs disappear is the potential of corrupted external link of the media files (or purposefully changed by the creator).


Marketplace delisted them

If the collection is not following the marketplace rules,  marketplaces like OpenSea can remove them from their platform which makes it seem that the NFT disappeared (It will still be available in the blockchain).


Deleting NFTs

The concept of deleting NFTs can only work for you if you are the creator of the collection and own the item.

To do that you have to access the collection page click on the three dots next to the image and you will notice that there will be an edit button.


edit-nft-item-211x300 Can NFTs be Deleted? What are Burning/Disappearing NFTs?


On the bottom of the next page you will see the delete item.


delete-item-300x151 Can NFTs be Deleted? What are Burning/Disappearing NFTs?


Final Thoughts

This space is still new which means that there is huge potential of scams and malicious shared files where we want to get rid of from our wallet.

If there is one thing I want you to keep in mind is to just be careful. always make sure to not sign any transaction before validating that it is from the official website and is not malicious. I know it’s easier said than done as researching and asking for security experts to help is tiring. But just be careful as much as you can.


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